Modern Day Semi-Permanent Brows


06 May 2021

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Modern Day Semi-Permanent Brows

Modern Day Semi-Permanent Brows

Micropigmentation is breakout semi-permanent make up treatment performed with a machine, as opposed to a blade. The in-depth training required to qualify, means that our therapists have comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of the treatment and aftercare.

The use of the machine in micropigmentation, allows technicians to alter the speed and pressure of the needles, offering more uniqueness and customization to the brow. The preciseness of the treatment (be it through powder brows or fine hair strokes) means more flawless and natural results that are becoming a beauty enthusiast’s must-have!

The Benefits of Micropigmentation Brows:

Time Efficient

Saving time during makeup routines, semi-permanent brows reduce the time needed to get you out of the door.

Confidence Boosting

With brows being a major facial sticking point for many ladies, having low-maintenance brows that look constantly flawless provides a surge in confidence – particularly for those with limited makeup skills.

Enhances Facial Features

A professionally designed and drawn semi-permanent brow, considers face shapes and features to create a look that enhances natural beauty.

Full Brows

The results from micropigmentation are much fuller than microblading. This does not mean “harsher” but instead less blocky and more natural, filled and flawlessly defined.

No Additional Makeup Required

The gradient appearance and natural results, mimic modern day makeup techniques, meaning no additional pencilling or pomade is required.

Long Lasting Results

Micropigmentation delivers pigment deeper into the skin than microblading, so whilst still a semi-permanent technique, the results last much longer. The average is up to 2 years, compared to 1-1.5 years for microblading. The top-ups are required less frequently too! In fact, the time between micropigmentation top-ups is as long as the full life cycle of microblading..

Suitable for all Skin and Brow Types

The technique used to deliver pigment during a micropigmentation brows treatment means it’s suitable for all brow and skin types – even oily complexions! Plus, the low frequency of the machine means it is less traumatic to the skin than microblading, with minimal skin damage.

Prices: Brows: – Dhs. 3000

Lip Blush: – Dhs. 3000

Introductory offer: Brows: – Dhs. 2450

Lip Blush: – 2250

Viya members exclusive price: Brows: Dhs. 2200Lip Blush: – Dhs. 2000

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